Deep Reds to Create A Moody Vibe

Deep Reds to Create A Moody Vibe

August 26, 2018

One way to start shopping mix n match pattern prints is through similar color, especially if you aren't confident with a bolder combination. The pattern prints should share the same color family or complementary colors to achieve a modern balance.

Looking at the example below from our Moody Reds Accessories & Sportswear Collections: if you are wearing a crop that is a deep red small print (Moody Red), your leggings should have some deep red to it or anything similar – same color, but different nuance – to those colors, or opt for a print that has at least one of the colors of the other print like our striped leggings (Autumn Mood). 

Now. for more mix in your collection, add another crop top in the same stripe as our leggings but with a tawny brown border small print that has the same color in the stripes. Then pair this crop top with capris that match the tawny brown border.

If you're really sassy, wear our Autumn Mood striped sunglasses to match the striped leggings or the Moody Red sunglasses to contrast the crop top. And, hey, if it's raining out we've got your covered with our signature collection umbrellas and our totes you can carry everywhere you go!

Moody Reds Accessories

Moody Reds Sportswear

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