Warmth, Elegance & Timelessness

Warmth, Elegance & Timelessness

September 01, 2018

As a surface designer, I draw a lot of my inspiration from memories, experiences and my own inner dwelling of beauty. Most of the time, I strive to create something beautiful, something warm, elegant and timeless. I am open to all colors and their natural loveliness. However, I am partial to colors of Autumn -- colors that feel like my soul in all its richness, its warmth and its sensuality.

As Autumn draws near, one of my fondest "color" memories is inspired by the color cognac.  When my parents were still with us, we were a family of wine lovers which was always included in our holiday festivities or in any fine dining experience we shared together. Dinner was always filled with lots of casual conversation, laughter and the pleasure of our meal. These were definitely worth reminiscing over for sure. It brought all of us great joy!

However, it's the end of the meal that I find myself lingering in memories. From the serving of our cognac to how we all pleasured in holding the glass in the palm of our hand, allowing our body heat to slowly warm the cognac while appreciating its clear amber color. I remember during this after dinner ritual, there was always a quietness that dominated. We all seemed to be absorbed in the rich pleasures of enjoying a good glass of cognac -- of ending our meal in a beautiful blend of harmony. 

Our Signature Collections are designed to mix n match. Though, i hope as you browse our collections, you find your own inspiration for color or print. Enjoy!



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