About Us


Each season, a curated collection of patterns and prints are designed to mix and match
in pairs that add layers of color, texture and design to your personal style. For every print,
a second print is created that pulls together a styled look.

Our fashion accessories and home decor are produced, printed and sewn using luxury organic materials, natural fiber fabrics, and 100% Nappa leather by a small group of artisans in the USA, Canada and the UK.


Our purpose is to provide luxury artisan products with a focus on minimum waste, eco-friendly production and on demand printing. Plus, it also allows us to have less inventory which means we can pass more savings onto our customers. It makes receiving your order in two weeks is worth the wait--knowing our products are being produced by hand, by eco-conscious artisans, and sustainable printing with organic & natural materials.


Mix N Match Style was founded in late 2018 by Genece Hamby after fully realizing that she wanted to share her passion for surface designs with women who love patterns & prints to express their style.

Genece discovered that her love for design wasn't enough to simply commission her talents. She had a deeper desire to combine her passion for designing prints with her love for business. It didn't take her long after that discovery to decide on starting Mix N Match Style. 

After the past two years of exploring the best retail venues and learning more about her customers and what they like, Genece found she had a great love for getting to know her customers. Combined with a desire to help small towns grow, it was only natural that she invest in growing her business through pop-up shops.  In 2020, she is focusing Mix N Match Style through Midwest pop-up standalone storefronts.

My creative process expands and evolves through the daily discipline of digital painting, illustration, and design. It is not the "digital" medium by which I have chosen to express myself that makes me an artist. It is a way of life. It is a way of moving through the world; aware of all the beauty that exists and a strong desire to connect with the feminine and sensual. -- Genece Hamby