How It Works

1. Our Core Products

We start with these core products produced by a small network of artisans and manufacturers who create an exclusive line of products with a focus on craftsmanship, attention to details, and providing high quality .Each collaborator we work with exceeds our expectation in providing us with products we are proud to sell. Our core product line includes: tote bags (work, classic, and travel tote), satchel bags, umbrellas, bucket hats, sunglasses, eyeglass cases and  travel bags (flight bag and sm & lg duffel bags).


2. Our Signature Prints

Each season, we design a small curated collection of mix and match signature prints that are submitted to the manufacturers for production. Our designs are created using the season's current color trends determined by Pantone and the fashion industry. Right now, we are rolling out Fall/Winter 2019-2020 signature print collections and mix n match solid color fashion accessories.

3. Purchasing Our Products

  1. Home Parties, Pop Ups, Women's Fashion Expos, In Stores
    We get it! Our concept is not what most think of online shopping where everything is shipped immediately. Because our signature printed fashion accessories are more exciting when you see them in person, we have discovered our online approach is supports our in person buying opportunities. Most of our online sales comes from customers who purchased at any of these events.
  2. Buying Online
    Though the majority of our sales is from fashion events, we offer our online customers the same lower prices and access to all of our signature print products. And like our in person shopping events, our artisans and manufacturers create products-on-demand. When an order is placed with us, we fulfill the order and then immediately reorder a replacement for inventory. 
  3. Manufacturing On Demand
    The majority of our fashion accessories are made-to-order which means they are manufactured on demand. Each item is made upon receipt of order and shipped usually within a couple weeks. Made-To-Order allows us to keep our prices more affordable -- we pass this savings on to our customers. And we promise, great care goes through the made-to-order process that makes it worth the wait.

4. Shipment Info

Most of our inventory products ship within 1-3 days. This means that we have your product ready to ship and taken to the post office or other shipping method. As soon as a shipping label is created for your purchase, an email is sent to you with the tracking information.

If an order is placed and it is not in stock, it will usually ship:

Sunglasses & Eyewear Cases: 8 to 10 days

All signature print bags, hats, wallets, umbrellas and footwear: 12-18 days


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