Our Made-To-Order

Made-To-Order is a process where when you make a purchase, the item(s) is handmade and fulfilled after the order has been placed.

Mix N Match Style collaborates with a small network of artisans and manufacturers who create an exclusive line of products that are handmade with a focus on craftsmanship, attention to details, and providing high quality .Each collaborator we work with exceeds our expectation in providing us with products we are proud to sell.

By developing a good working relationship with our collaborators, we are able to offer our unique brand of "Made-To-Order" products.  Currently, our Made-To-Order brand includes rain bomber jackets that keep you protected in the rain and our beautiful handmade 100% silk, cashmere and luxurious blends

Once your order is placed, the item is handmade with love and then shipped with the same quality and care to you within 12-15 days. 

One thing you can count on, the product you order that's Made-To-Order will be worth the wait! Why, because it isn't just Mix N Match that cares about every item we sell. Our collaborators care as well and if something does go wrong with the production of an item, they'll go through hoops to make it right. It's why we are proud and confident in working with them!



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