Pop Up Shops

Mix N Match Style participates in several pop up and fashion events in the Midwest.
We love being a retailer with a focus on helping local markets grow.

We create a curated collection of unique signature prints. Then, we collaborate
with a small group of artisans and manufacturers-on-demand who produce
our line of fashion accessories, footwear and resort wear we sell online and through pop up shops.

We love interacting with women who love
to shop where they live and have fun doing it!

Currently, I am a part of team in our local community working on a permanent store front location designed specifically for rotating space for retailers, artists, and professionals who want a dedicated space for their pop up shop for a short period of time. 

It's very exciting to be a part of this major project! My passion for this is as strong as my love for surface design and being an artist. As Mix N Match Style continues to grow through our pop up shops, it motivates me more to being dedicated to helping small communities discover ways to thrive from the talents of their residents.

NOTE: Due to Covid-19, our next pop up shop event will be at the newly renovated "pop up" storefront and by appointment only. I'll post dates on social media once the renovation is totally complete. Thank you for your understanding. 

--Genece Hamby